Friday, April 8, 2011

2011-04-07: MITRE Records Expo Trip Report

I have just returned from MITRE's Records Expo on MITRE's Campus in McLean, VA. The Records Expo is designed to raise awareness of the archival responsibilities of employees within MITRE, and also inform our sponsors about the archives and records management work we're doing. I was invited to present some of the research being done in digital preservation at ODU and MITRE. (George Despres and I have recently received funding to perform digital preservation research on the digital objects living within the corporate intranet. Our research was explained at the Expo.)

We set up booths in the MITRE 2 building, equipped with big-screen TVs with slide shows about other archival and records management systems being pioneered at MITRE (the slides are For Office Use Only, and cannot be shared in this blog). Several MITRE employees attended and listened to presentations given by the archives team and the records management teams at MITRE, as well as George and I. A former Lockheed Martin employee that had worked on the NARA records management system was also in attendance.

I spoke to all of the attendees about Memento and how it will be used to allow users to browse archives within MITRE's intranet as part of George and my research. Most of the attendees had some experience with the WayBack Machine, and had a cursory knowledge of web archiving, but most weren't familiar with Memento. All were extremely interested in hearing about the research further, and some have already been in touch with me requesting additional information.

It was helpful and informative to meet with other professionals working in "The Real World" and attempting to solve the same problems being researched in academia. There were also some additional approaches to archival and records management problems, such as using the Cloud as a repository, and archiving corporate social networking content.

--Justin F. Brunelle

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