Friday, March 25, 2011

2011-03-25: OAC Phase II Workshop Trip Report

I've just finished attending the Open Annotation Collaboration (OAC) Phase II Workshop in Chicago, IL (March 24-25, 2011). The quality of the presentations was very high and I was surprised at how much the OAC community has grown in a relatively short time. Although I've served on OAC technical review panels before and my student, Abdulla Alasaadi, has worked on a small prototype (to be presented at JCDL 2011) for using SVG instead of the W3C Media Fragments for specifying an annotation target, I haven't been keeping up with the OAC community as closely as I should.

The Workshop has all the presentations online, as well as a wiki that contains various commentary, use cases, etc. (also, the hash tag is "#oacwkshp"). Although all of the presentations generated a lot of discussion from the attendees, the presentations that I learned the most from were:
Also of special note was the OAC model overview from Herbert and Rob, but I was already pretty familiar with that. Again, I encourage you to look through all the slides since each presentation was well received.

Thanks to Tim Cole for organizing such a successful workshop.

-- Michael

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