Monday, November 15, 2010

2010-11-15: Memento Presentation at UNC; Memento ID

I recently had a chance to return to the School of Information and Library Science, UNC Chapel Hill, where I had a most enjoyable post-doc during the academic year 2000-2001. Jane Greenberg was nice enough to invite me to speak about Memento in her INLS 520 "Organization of Information" class on Tuesday, November 9th as well as give an invited lecture about Memento to the UNC Scholarly Communications Working Group on Wednesday, November 10th.

When I first went to UNC I had the office next to Jane and she was just an assistant professor, now she's a full professor and director of the Metadata Research Center. I enjoyed catching up with her and my many other friends and colleagues at SILS.

My slides are available on; they are mostly a combination of slides I've posted before, but with some updates in the HTTP headers. Although the changes are very slight, the recently submitted (11/12/10) Memento Internet Draft takes precedence over all of our prior published papers and slides. For those who don't know, IETF Internet Drafts are the first step in the process of issuing an RFC (cf. "I'm Just a Bill...").


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