Monday, October 11, 2010

2010-10-11: ArchiveFacebook Version 1.2 is released

Celebrating a year from the very first release of ArchiveFacebook the development team is releasing the new version 1.2. Throughout the last couple of months we have received feedback from the users asking for enhancements and resolving issues. We also received lots of compliments and thumbs up! This feedback was channeled and analyzed to give us an idea on how to enhance the user experience.

We released version 1.2 3 days ago with lots of bug fixes and new features, among which the expansion of stories and posts on comments. Several users suggested that it would be useful to be able to archive all the posts and comments on a certain activity (status update, event attendance, photo...etc). Now V 1.2 can support this and any activity stream within your Facebook profile.

The new version seems to be highly anticipated to an extent that the number of downloads within the first 3 days even before announcing the release reached 2000 according to Mozilla:

Try out the new version and let us know what do you think. Development is triangle and feedback is one of its edges!

Please join the ArchiveFacebook group to post issues and stay tuned with the latest updates and future releases:


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