Thursday, November 19, 2009

2009-11-19: Memento Presentation and Movie; Press Coverage

On Monday, November 16 2009 Herbert and I went to the Library of Congress and presented slides from our Memento eprint (see the previous post for a short description of Memento). On Thursday, November 19 2009 Herbert gave the same presentation at OCLC.

Below are the slides that were presented as well as supporting movie. Fortunately, the slides & movie were finished in between ODU sporadically losing power over the weekend due to the Nor'easter, and on Tuesday when and were brought down by a disk failure. Thanks to Scott Ainsworth and the ODU systems staff for their yeoman's work on getting everything back up and running.

Slides & movie from the Library of Congress Brown Bag Seminar:

2010-02-12 Edit: The recorded presentation has just been uploaded to the Library of Congress web site.

Also, Memento has enjoyed considerable press & blog coverage. It began with an article in New Scientist:

Which was picked up and redistributed in various forms:'s-past

There was also coverage in the blog of The Chronicle of Higher Education:

As well as a few other blog posts:

And a mention on O'Reilly Radar:


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