Sunday, November 8, 2009

2009-11-08: Back From Keynotes at WCI and RIBDA.

October was a busy travel month. On October 11-13, I attended a technical meeting for the Open Annotation Collaboration project at Berkeley, CA. From there, I traveled to Berlin, Germany to give a keynote about OAI-ORE at the Wireless Communication and Information Conference (WCI 2009). Michael Herzog was kind enough to invite me to speak there again; I also gave an invited talk at Media Production 2007, also in Berlin.

After a short week back in the US, it was off to Lima, Peru to give another keynote about OAI-ORE, this time at Reunión Interamericana de Bibliotecarios, Documentalistas y Especialistas en Información Agrícola, or RIBDA 2009. This was also another repeat performance -- I had given an invited talk about OAI-PMH in Lima in 2004, and my colleague there, Libio Huaroto, invited me back.

Slides from the keynotes are probably available on the conference web sites, however they were both edited versions of the more detailed ORE seminar I recently gave at Emory University in early October. Those interested in OAI-ORE should look at those slides or the "ORE in 10 minutes" video Herbert Van de Sompel recently uploaded to YouTube.


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